Hi I’m Melissa. I love playing outdoors, gardening, camping & enjoying nature. I am genuine, sarcastic, and an adventure seeker. I stay at home with our two beautiful children.

In 2016 My husband, daughter and I relocated from our beautiful one-acre home in Northern, CA to our one-acre plot in small town southwest, ID.  We traded an old home with mature orchard trees and luscious river loam soil for an updated home with gorgeous views and a blank canvas. We have two young children whom we love so much that we gave them 90% of our King bed!

I grew up in the country, but not on a farm.  You could say I’m self-taught when it comes to canning, chickens, sewing & healthy cooking. My husband is a Firefighter and hunter.  Our goal is for a majority of our meat to be hunted and our garden bounty to be preserved.  I inherited two green thumbs from my parents.

Our journey to a healthier life started about 2009. We didn’t just wake up one day and toss out every toxic product, stop eating gluten, and start wearing wool underwear! We started with small things like using essential oils to support our body’s systems, growing our own food and making cleaning products.  It has been and continues to be a journey.