Growing a garden is so much more than beautiful flowers & food, it is very therapeutic. Any afternoon in the garden makes for a great day.

When I was 8 we moved from a small lot in town to the country. My parents transformed 3 acres of weeds and oak trees into beautiful gardens with ponds, bridges, streams, a dock and thousands of different plants.  That is a lot of upkeep! They do it by themselves too.  I always loved helping in the yard, I don’t remember it feeling like a chore.  It was an awesome place to play as a kid and I now I love to play with my kids there.

When my husband and I were newly married, we decided to leave a beautiful home in a neighborhood to rent a place on an old dairy farm on the Central Coast of CA to save money to buy a home.  I started my first garden from seeds in egg cartons inside our very 1970s mobile home. I scavenged the old barns for any and everything we needed to make our first garden.  We even snagged a free picketed fence and paint! I don’t think we spent more than $50 total that garden season.  I grew more than we could eat so we could share with friends.  I shot my first animal that summer; a cottontail rabbit was eating my lettuce. My husband fried it up for dinner-YUM!

I didn’t grow a garden the first summer we bought our first home. Our daughter was born in the spring and then Fire season came along and we didnt have an area fenced from deer and dogs. The second year I grew a glorious garden. My goal was to make It aestheticly pleasing and fun for our daughter.  I couldn’t believe I grew It all from seeds in a greenhouse. I often sent my husband to the station with 30 lbs tomatoes and giant bouquets of fresh herbs. We also had very mature trees that proved to be a lot of upkeep; pomegranate, persimmon, orange, cherry, four walnut and two pecan trees.

I am anxious to grow a garden here in Idaho. Next year, we will make it happen.