A very late Spring


Well Hello! It’s been a while since I sat at my computer other than to pay bills.  A lot has happened around here since I last posted in February.  Spring wasn’t late here in Idaho, but me sharing about Spring two weeks before Summer begins is a bit lame.  Let’s just get started! I am currently 21 22 23 24 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and so excited to grow our family.  (You see how I attempted to sit here all month?) With that being said February-April were pretty rough.  First trimesters are never fun; add in the part where your home 4 nights a week alone and somehow have to keep two small children alive along with yourself, dogs, cat, and a decent flock of birds and then you find yourself falling asleep while sitting on the floor playing.

This Spring we added two ducks to our yard.  They are Saxony ducks and my daughter img_0984named them Donald & Daisy.  She has recently made a nest in some tall grass and is sitting on her eggs.  We are excited for her to hopefully hatch some ducklings this month.  My husband LOVES the ducks! He is not a fan of the chickens.  He will do my chicken chores, but never have I heard him say anything pleasant to or about the chickens. Now, I will see him out back spraying water for Donald & Daisy to shower in and talking to them like pets! They are pretty cool so I can’t be mad he has favorites.  I’ve only been able to catch them a few times, they come over to me when we have food.  Now that Daisy has a nest of eggs they are both being very protective when you get near it. Before she started a nest, we were enjoying a duck egg every morning to make extra fluffy pancakes and waffles.

We finally have most of our garden planted.  This is our first Idaho garden.  Steven had to put up a fence, rototill, and add a water faucet to the space. He made like 7 rows in the time I made ONE! Then he reminded me it is exactly like digging hand line at work. He was so fast, yet nothing was on fire! I like to take my time in the garden because it is relaxing, I guess he can’t relax with a McCloud in his hands!  We are no experts at gardening  by any means, but we have lucked out with having great soil at the previous homes and I believe our soil is pretty good so we will pray for the best!  This past week there were some impressive thunderstorms that blew open our garden gate and let the chickens in.  They demolished 20 heads of lettuce that were ready to eat.

Here is what we have planted right now:

  • Herbs: Rosemary, Thai  Basil, Italian Basil, Sage, Cilantro, Thyme, Mint, Parsley, Dill & Tarragon
  • Tomatoes: Pantano, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Best Boy, Chocolate Cherry, Black Cherry, Super Sweet 100, Yellow Pear, Tomato Stupice & Romas.
  • Peppers: Serrano Chili, Jalapeno, Hot Portugal, Early Jalapeno, Caribbean Red Habanero, Yellow Bell, & Red Bell.
  • Squash: Yellow Straight neck, Butternut, Spaghetti & Green zucchini
  • Everything Else: Sweet Corn, Nasturtium, Kohlrabi, Eggplants, Cucumber, Watermelons, Onions, Leeks, Beans, Lettuce & Asparagus.

Please follow me, TheHomeacre, on Instagram for more updated photos of our garden.

California Adventure 2018The first week in May we took a family vacation to Disneyland & California Adventure. Then up to visit friends and take kids to the ocean for the first time. (funny because we both lived near the beach for years before kids) I told my husband I wanted to go to Disneyland a while ago and we planned a super budget trip (airbnb, toddler on lap on plane and not eating out the whole time.)  The awesome part was we scored some free tickets.  Disneyland gives out a select number of tickets to fire stations throughout CA each year.  Never in 14 years has my husband received any, but we had two friends get them and not want them and we scored four Park Hoppers that happened to expire 3 days after our trip.  Pretty good timing. We had these cute shirts made by another Fire Wife and were given a special Firefighter pin at the entrance to Both Parks.  It was fun to see all the other fire families wearing their pins.  This was our first time flying with kids.  It was also our first ‘go go go’ vacation with the kids.  Usually, we rent a cabin or go camping…that’s more our pace. I am happy we got to take our kids to Disneyland, but I think we can check ‘that’ off our list for a while….. ‘that’ as in vacationing in California!!! Sorry friends, but since moving to Idaho, I have no desire to go back to CA.  I think we even prefer the beautiful beaches at the lakes and rivers here.


My Husband has been working on a playground for the kids when he is home.  The honey-do list really gets prioritized when he’s only home a few days a week.  He has done quite a bit.  We have a 6′ high platform with our existing playhouse on top.  Below we have a dirt box and a water table which was actually a stainless steel sink for fire IMG_1078.jpgbase camps! The kids spend hours a day cooking things in their mud kitchen and playing up in the playhouse.  Next, he is building an extra-tall swing set off the side.  Still trying to figure out an affordable groundcover for the area.  Whatever, it is we need 12 yards of it. YIKES! It has been a long process to get a playground there.  When we moved in, there was a swampy old rundown pond with broken pipes and part of a bridge. This part of the yard is solid river rock and we had to have a tractor fill it all in. Although a pond would have been fun, it wasn’t fed by a stream and with little kids I would be a nervous wreck.

I have been avoiding blogging for several reasons. Mostly, because we only have a desktop computer and I sit on a yoga ball with my knees against a cupboard and it’s not comfortable.  After the kids go to bed, I do a few chores, kick up my tired feet & binge watching TV series on Netflix! Oh man it has gotten bad.  I stay up to almost midnight every night and am up by 6am.  Pregnancy insomnia is kicking in too.  The other biggest reason I don’t come write is that when my husband is home, I spend my time with him. OR, lately I have been sitting on my lovely porch and watching the sunset. It stays light until nearly 10pm this time of year and I love to hear and see all the animals.  Beautiful Heart in the sunset sky. No FilterThis was the most gorgeous sky after the kids went to bed.  There is no filter on this photo, and that is a heart in the clouds.  I was out with my girls & Donald!

Steven got home really late the other night; he was gone for quite a stretch.  He was home 24 hours in 17 days.  When he got home the kids were asleep and he went to look at them snuggling together in their bed and he said quietly “they grow so much on these long stretches.” Being a Fire Family is tough for everyone, especially the person who misses all the milestones.  He took a lot of vacation time this year after being gone 256 days last year.  Even though he will be away for weeks throughout the year, he will have longer stretches home.  When he gets home next, we are headed camping in McCall.

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