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This season of my life can sometimes feel overwhelming and like I’m navigating this mom thing with a blindfold. And while I’m often exhausted from the craziness of being a firefighters wife and a SAHM, I’m learning to embrace the beauty in the everyday moments with the kids. My kids are hilarious. Does everyone think this about their own children? The things I say in response to their behaviors are similar to what I used say to an intoxicated friend. What in the world is going on? Where are your pants? Please don’t lick the dog! My life was very structured before kids; formal education from age 5-23 and day shift jobs. Now, the only thing that is consistent is that at any given time of the day somebody is hungry.

I have always enjoyed being adventurous. I love hiking for the best view, camping in a tent and trying new things that scare me. I’ve hang-glided and rafted in the Swiss Alps, zip-lined in Thailand & Costa Rica, swam in questionable canals and rivers in different countries, and explored huge cities and small villages with a phrase book. I have visited 9 countries so far. I Worked and traveled in Europe for 3 months, worked and backpacked all of Thailand solo for 6 months. I’ve haggled over bananas, failed to order a black coffee repeatedly and been beyond lost walking alone with a backpack on a highway. I’ve lived in Northern CA, Southern CA and on the Central Coast of CA taking advantage of every opportunity to explore my surroundings. Even though this may all sound spontaneous, it wasn’t. I often still “planned” my adventures. Rarely, did I just see where a trail led. I always looked ahead on my map so I could be prepared. (I have a B.S. in event planning!) but the most fun I ever had was on the impromptu excursions. Actually, relocating to Idaho was a spontaneous move; a story for another time! I try hard to not plan and create expectations for my family. I don’t have a guide-book for my kids, or my husband for that matter.

And while you wont find me roaming the streets of Rome, riding the boardwalk on my beach cruiser in a bikini-top to go grocery shopping, or getting lost alone in Bangkok. You will find me negotiating bedtime & having great adventures with my kids in this new & wonderful season of life. I have been pulled into our daughters vivid imagination and learning what it is like to be a kid again. This week my daughter was a paleontologist and dug up dinosaur bones (rocks) in our yard and then we washed and painted them, we were a family of bears hunting for food, bobcats playing in the snow, snakes, dogs, and Disney characters acting out skits and stories from books.idahome5

I have been trying my hardest to let my kids be kids and encourage them to be wild and determine their own comfort level. If our daughter wants to run around at the lake half-naked and barefoot in 50*, then I let her. If she wants to wear a pig nose and a cape to gymnastics or pretend she’s a dog and bark at people in the grocery store, I play along and introduce her as her alter ego. It is a conscious effort for me to be unstructured and fly by the seat of my pants.  I want the learning to come natural to our kids. We love to play outdoors in all types of weather. Our daughter takes horse riding lessons when it’s below freezing. Learning shouldn’t be forced, structured or full of rules; it should be fun.

I love that I have had the opportunity to live and travel to some beautiful places, yet find myself so in love with small town Idaho. Everyday we see cows, goats, horses, chickens and wildlife. We get to watch the trees turn colors, then drop their leaves and expose the beautiful mountains they have been hiding. My absolute favorite part of the evening is the 10 minutes before the sun goes down completely, the mountains glow orange. We get to experience all these beautiful things from our wrap around porch.idahome7

Relocating from California to the Treasure Valley has drawn me to make meaningful connections with people every where I go. I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe, because I’m constantly meeting the kindest people here. Seriously, I can’t explain it, you just have to come experience it. I was shy and took the backseat in most social situations most my life, but have slowly become the social one. At the end of the day it is our relationships and experiences that fill our hearts with joy. I have been consciously making an effort to introduce myself, learn something about someone else and make genuine relationships.

This seemed hard at first because lets face it, many days go by and it’s just me, the kids, some furry animals and 20 chickens (whom all have names incase you were wondering!). Many days I’d enjoy nothing more than talking to my kids and our pets because I need an abundance of quiet time to recharge. I encourage my daughter to meet people and ask them their name. She now asks curiously “mom, did you make any new friends today?” And I almost always say “Yes, I did!”

This season of life is full of laughter, tears, bruises, learning and pure joy…..oh and I almost forgot, LAUNDRY!


Be Wild. Live Naturally. Love Genuinely.

The Homeacre




  • STapia

    Hello there.. I started following your blog after I read the one about your husband being gone so much this past year. My husband is a FF for the City of LA, and although he isn’t gone as often as yours – I can relate with you – it does require a constant “resetting” when they come home after being gone so long. This post in particular was very inspiring for me, and I enjoyed reading it because it painted a beautiful picture of your life right now… of living in the moment. That is something I told myself I would work towards this year – getting out of my comfort zone and figuring out who I am and being more connected with my kids (14 & 8). I look forward to following your journey!

    • thehomeacre

      Thank you so much for reading my posts. Its a weird phase of life. You kinda sorta figure out who you are then you get married and thats hard. Haha then you have kids and its really easy to forget about yourself because everyone else needs you all-the-time. As a fire wife neither spouse gets “me time” because they are at station and we are with kids. Im sure as soon as I get in a groove – life will happen!

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